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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Lost and Found: Billboard Project

The Chicago Area Billboard project is the result of artists Jennifer Chrzanowski, Jon Gitelson, Brea Murphy, Bryan Steiff, and Brian Ulrich. The 5 (collectively known as Lost and Found) worked collaboratively in a class taught by Accra Shepp. In conjunction with the Columbia College Office of Community Arts Partnership, the group secured a donation from Viacom Outdoor of 60 billboards in the Chicago area. OCAP also organized working with students from the Academy of Communications and Technology. It was with these students that Chrzanowski, Gitelson, Murphy, Steiff, and Ulrich combed the streets of Chicago collecting found items and trash that lent themselves to represent the culture at large. Careful editing between the A.C.T. students and the group led to such items as a car freshener with the Japanese character for 'happiness', a 'War and Victory' Trivial Pursuit game card that the group updated with 'Duct Tape' and 'Los Alamos' to represent contemporary concerns, and a fast food receipt with the words 'To Go'. The group combined these found items with documentary style photographs taken to represent consumer and disposable culture.

District considering ads in school buses

Billboards to Help Find Missing Kids
TAMPA -- Gov. Jeb Bush on Monday unveiled a high-tech program to send notices of a child abduction through e-mail and text messaging as well as new billboards similar to the state's Amber Alert warning signs.

About 20 billboards will be placed statewide. State law enforcement officials haven't decided what other children might be featured, or if Rilya Wilson, the Miami girl whose disappearance from state custody sparked a crisis for Bush, will be among those featured.

Amber Alerts use a system of electronic highway signs located around the state. They notify motorists to look out for abducted children, and sometimes describe suspect vehicles.

California Town Gets close to $1 million to take down boards
With nearly $1 million waiting for them in Washington, D.C., city leaders in Agoura Hills will decide Wednesday whether to use the money to bring down the billboards lining the freeway.

Earlier this year, Congress set aside $993,500 to help the city clean up the Highway 101 corridor. The grant is from the Federal Highway Administration, which manages the National Scenic Byways program.

"It's nice to have some of our lobbying pay off," said Councilman Dan Kuperberg, noting that the council for years has sought help with its goal to remove blight along the freeway. "It's a $1 million windfall for the city, but even more important, it improves the appearance of the corridor."

According to Kuperberg and Mayor Jeff Reinhardt, the majority of the grant will be used to bring down billboards that have lined the freeway for more than 20 years.

Monday, August 25, 2003

L.A. Times Colomnist: Defacing Billboards Should be Legal
The relationships of graffiti and advertising, art and vandalism, expression and manipulation, freedom and money, have been explored systematically since the mid-1980s by artist Ron English. His chosen medium is the billboard: He and his assistants, in broad daylight, repaint public billboards with subversive messages, a procedure for which they have faced arrest several times.

Monday, August 18, 2003

AAA Billboards Highlight Speed Traps: "he feud over speeding tickets between the AAA Auto Club and Police Chief A.W. Smith has reached new heights with the placement of billboards warning motorists of traffic enforcement in Waldo and Lawtey."

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Billboard helps search for Tabitha
Lamar Outdoor has donated a billboard to the family of a missing girl. The board is on one of Nashville's busiest highways. Father Bo Tuders said that Tabitha's billboard will remain until Tabitha comes home. He hopes that's very soon.

FoxNews Fan Buys Billboard Thanking God
This retired ad salesman isn’t the first Fox News Channel junkie to fill up on hours of the popular news outlet every day. But Bob Spratlin is probably the only one buying billboards thanking God for it.
Spratlin plunked down a few thousand dollars to buy a billboard that says ‘‘THANK GOD FOR THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL.’’ Another billboard will go up in a nearby town later this year, and Spratlin envisions more, all preaching his deliver-us-from-liberals message.

‘‘I wanted to wake people up,’’ the 73-year-old said. ‘‘I wanted to say, ‘Wake up, America! Wake up, you young people!’’’

Monday, August 04, 2003

Billboard liberation front targets torte-reform 30 sheets. More info here