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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

UK Star Wars Board Hacked in Anti-Blair Protest

Iraq Photos on Yahoo! News Photos

Detractors Dis Delay Downtown
Using Billboard

HoustonChronicle.com - PAC billboards take aim at DeLay trip

Monday, May 02, 2005

USATODAY.com - Clear Channel sheds concert unit, gives billboards an IPO: "The company said the IPO of the outdoor advertising unit and spinoff of the entertainment unit will result in greater fiscal muscle for future acquisitions, because the separately listed stocks will provide clear valuations of the two businesses."

CC's OOH revenues are up 11% this year, as Outdoor continues to be strong across all national markets...

Los Angeles, Mexico board Causes controversies, Gets Tagged

Liberman broadcasting got more then they bargained for when they launched a new campaign for awareness of their Spanish-language radio broadcast. A Clear Channel 30 sheet with the headline "Los Angeles, Mexico" was intended to raise hackles and build buzz, but the company now finds itself under attack from sensitive Angelenos. The board has now been tagged with an American flag (see picture below swiped from "dummocrats.com"). The taggers were kind enough to not actually damage the sign, and only put a flag over it.

The board is generating tons of buzz in the Anglo community, and likely Hispanic as well. The controversey should die down soon, but Liberman's radio stations should feel the effects for a while. Just another example of how advertising in the public domain is one of the few ways to cause public outrage in today's media scene. Depending on the overall outcome, it may be the best $1200 (or so) Liberaman ever spent. Of course, having the Governor of your state personally ask that you take down the board is probably not what most businesses want!

Billboards Bash Biden in Delaware

From eNewswire:

Billboards, addressed to Senator Joe Biden, have been strategically placed in Delaware to call on him to make the pending re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) gender neutral so that all victims of domestic violence can benefit from the funding. Over 835,000 men report being victims of intimate partner violence annually, this number reflects 36% of all victims, yet the billions of dollars in VAWA funding can only be used for services to help women and children.

More info and pix here

Arag insurance had some excellent units showcasing how billboards can work in relation to their envirornment.

The copy look like some "transparancy" street-art, where the artist makes a sign 'disappear' by mimicing what's behind it, but the twist is that they play to their core business (insurance for damaged property) by creating damaged property where there is none. It's a great trick and got lots of public attention, as well as continuing to circulate around the internet to this date.

These signs were posted in 2004, and created by Dussledorf based Butter